My Cabin

Tv personality Danny Seos’s stunning hillside hideaway is just 1,100 square feet

A secluded cabin in Buks County, Pennsylvania is the perfekt escape for green living expert and television personality Danny Seo. See how he makes scaled down living work.

Use Every Inch

in an upstairs hallway alcove,i added a small army cot from ebay to create a nice reading nook Danny said. And screening in the porch doubled my living space.

Round the Bed

In the small living room Danny maximizes space and avoids sharp edges with a rattan ottoman and circular side table.

Banish Boundaries

Danny took decorative inspiration from the outdoors, which makes for a seamless indoors out transition and reinforces a sense of roominess. The chairs, for example ar made or raw wood finished with a wood preserver.

Big Idea

Using reach saturated colors can make a small space fell intentionally jewerly box-like. Dark wood reiforces cozu vibe, while pops of white dinnerware, mostly 1 Dollar rummage store finds, add dimension.

Lay on the charm

In a previous larger home Danny collected rugs. Here he layred several in each room for extra insulation during Bucks County winters, which average 35 inches of snowfall each year.